Yoga and Religion

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Yoga and Religion

The most historically rooted perspective taken on yoga is that of considering yoga’s spiritual linkages and implications. The foundational text for yoga is a Hindu scripture named Yoga Sutra. The Yoga Sutra is a compilation of sutras, or concise, instructional writings. There remains controversy over when the writings were published. The Yoga Sutra is built on a foundation of Samkhya philosophy. The physical practices detailed in the Yoga Sutras are the manifestation of theory offered in the Samkhya philosophies. The sutras are divided into four parts, including:

Samadhi Pada: translated: "On being absorbed in spirit." This section focuses on the "emergence of the spiritual man from the veils and meshes of the psychic nature."

Sadhana Pada "On being immersed in spirit."

Vibhuti Pada "On supernatural abilities and gifts."

Kaivalya Pada "On absolute freedom." This final section discusses the "mechanism of salvation," referring to "the ideally simple working of cosmic law which brings the spiritual man to birth, growth and fullness of power, and prepares him for the splendid, toilsome further stages of his great journey home."

Albert Mohler is a critic of yoga, saying 'the embrace of yoga is a symptom of our postmodern spiritual confusion.'

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